About Us

EXPERIENCE:         Over 32 years

TRAINING      :        Burger & Jacobi AG Piano Factory -Biel


SPECIALISATION: Rebuilding grand & upright pianos,action,

                               restringing,modification and hammer drilling

                               cutting service’s etc.

QUALIFICATION  : Piano Builder

MEMBERSHIPS   :  Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild NSW


                                Australasian Piano Tuner and Technician                                       Association           APTTA


             TRADE SPECIAL SERVICES           

                       Restringing Grand & Upright Piano.

                       Action & Key’s rebuilding and regulating 

                       Bass Bridge repairing.

                       Hammer drilling,cutting and shaping etc.


Most of the family members are in the music industry.                              

Grandmother           :   Musician (violin),music-teacher                                                      andmusic shop owner.

Grandfather             :   Musician (accordion) music-                                                         teacher and music shop owner.

                                    MUSIC HOUSE BRIA 

                                    Rüti-Tann ZH 


no.1 Uncle              :   Musician (organist),piano & organ                                                 builder, organ-teacher and piano


no.2 Uncle

Giovanni Bria           :  Musician(Piano & French Horn) 

                                    pianist,accompanist an conductor.

no.2 Uncle wife       :   Musician (violin)

my mother               :   Piano and accordion teacher.


Swiss Pianobuilding school

Music House Bria "MUSIKHAUS"

Burger & Jacobi piano Company "Switzerland "

Iron frame fitting.

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