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Comments about ?        Workmanship                                               15 November 2012

Hello Emanuel,


Thanks for your invoice. The extra amount is fine and very reasonable. I think you did a lot of extra work and have not charged for it?

All the family is very happy and delighted with the sound and feel of the piano. I am also very happy with the detail and quality of your work, thank you.

Today I shaped the new hammers, did some fine running, spacing and casting and gave it a tuning. Tomorrow I will level strings, final fit hammers to strings and voice/tune.

This should bring up the sound even more.


Again thank you, hope we can work together soon,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         31 January 2012

Hi Emanuel,

Just wanted to say thank you for your great job on my Yamaha. Greatly appreciated. Your dedication and knowledge are exceptional. I have made the payment into your account today it should clear in a day or so. I will be recommending you to my friends and interested people. Wish you all the best in your trade. It is very rare to find such knowledgeable and dedicated and customer focused professional people as you. The piano sounds great! The touch is awesome the depth of the keys are perfect. This piano is now very different from what it was in the beginning when I bought it. Thank you again and good luck in bringing to life many more pianos. 

Kind regards



                                                                                                          15 April 2013

Comments about Piano Restoration














                                                                                                        1. May 2013


Here it is in its new home, delivered yesterday.


You now have three of your restorations in our family.

Thanks again Emanuel.


[and thanks also to you, Paddy.]


-------- Original Message --------

Subject:  Sienna playing piano

Date:       Wed, 01 May 2013 07:07:47 +1000                       Rönisch Mod:♚♚♚

From:      Alistair & Merran C <>

She woke up this morning, sat up in bed and said "piano!". Walked out and started to play straight away.

Thank you again. Merran.



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Emanuel, just have to rave to you about how BEAUTIFUL you've made my piano!!! Thank you!!! You are amazing and I just adore playing it now, in fact ... I can't walk past it without playing some beautiful notes. I will endeavor to put a glowing testimonial on your website tomorrow if I'm home and time allows. Thank you so much for your brilliant work and for giving me such a great price too !! So appreciate it. Very best regards, Jay



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Sent from my iPhone


You are a GREAT MAN ! ! ! tuning Jay's piano is a pure joy . . I know how much work you have done here and truely appreciate your efforts. Did you get your wife to do all the hard stuffs ? Hehehe !






                29 January 2013

Hello Emanuel,


Thanks for your very good work - again.


All the best, Geoffrey


                                                                                                                                                              27  March 2018

Dear Emanuel,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you did on my Kawai piano last week.

It is playing wonderfully and I am very happy with the result.

Your attention to detail and professionalism was of the highest order.

Huge thanks again 



Peter Coleman-Wright AO

              24 February 2020

Hi Emanuel. Thank you for the magnificent job you did on our piano. I could not be more thrilled. You are truly an expert. I have deposited funds to your account this morning as per your invoice. I have made a second deposit of $….. towards the extra costs. I thank you sincerely for your kind gesture regarding this. My thanks again. Kind regards. James

Hi Emanuel                                                2 . 7. 2011



Here is a similar comment I tried to put on your website.



" My Bluthner Grand Piano interior practically rebuilt by Emanuel. A superb operation by


  a most brilliant technician. Now gives me sheer delight in playing this instrument.


  Can highly recommend this Swiss Master technician."



                                        Raymond G Waterhouse. Australia NSW


Comments about "Video"

10 December 2012

Video Just fantastic



11 December 2012

Video Brilliant !!


Great Procedure. ..R

 25  January 2013


Well done Emanuel I am full of admiration for your efforts.

Hope it gets you loads of new business.

I have 49 Hammerheads for the restoration piano here and they  have to be drilled. Could you cope with that?

See you about it on Tuesday 



Hi Emanuel                                                                                             10 December 2012


Congratulations!! After a few little tweaks, these videos will be ready to go viral !!!!


Very good to excellent film making and editing ... see below for some polishing up tweaks.


Publicity to help it go viral. 

I will write a media release and get you onto 

Channel 10  The Project, Current Affair, Today Tonight

and similar shows.

Let me know when you want TV, radio, newspaper, blogs, Facebook and Twitter

and direct email publicity. Most shows are finishing for the year, so it may be tricky to catch their attention at this time just before Christmas.


For direct email, you can send the link to Conservatorium and well qualified piano teachers. You can definitely score some business this way, especially once one piano teacher emails it to another !!!


I can help you do that.


Take care.




                                                                                              24 December 2012

Dear Emanuel,     F A N T A S T I C !!!! What can I say?? Short but to the point!


With kind regards,    Armin und Elsbeth



Comments about "Workmanship"                                               15 November 2012

Hello Emanuel,


Thanks for your invoice. The extra amount is fine and very reasonable. I think you did a lot of extra work and have not charged for it?

All the family is very happy and delighted with the sound and feel of the piano. I am also very happy with the detail and quality of your work, thank you.

Today I shaped the new hammers, did some fine running, spacing and casting and gave it a tuning. Tomorrow I will level strings, final fit hammers to strings and voice/tune.

This should bring up the sound even more.


Again thank you, hope we can work together soon,


Comments on Facebook

Hi Emanuel, 
it was lovely to meet you this morning in Katoomba, many thanks again for your honesty and care.....I learned a lot from you too! Fascinating stuff.
Kind regards,


Emanuel Ray offers the highest standards of piano building and restoration in the country. No doubt one of the greatest trained technicians in the world. 
He offers above and beyond personal service and care to both you and your beloved piano, in addition to offering the finest and most intricate attention to detail when it comes to piano restoration. A true talent, gifted technician....and absolute asset to the Australia.




Hello Emanuel,

Thank you for returning my phone call, so nice chatting to you and for your assistance with regards to bending the hammer shanks.

Another question if I may?  With reference to the main rail on the action frame: Haake piano I am working one, manufactured before 1904.

Over the years with piano technicians removing and replacing hammers and dampers, the securing holes on the main rail are now enlarged and was pondering how I could, or what I could do to solve this problem. It would be terrible selling a fully restored piano only to get a call later that the hammers are loose.

I thought I could dowel the holes, but I don't have a lathe to get the exact centre of the dowel.

Could these holes be partially filled with a type of epoxy or Gorilla glue, allow to harden then insert the screw, allowing it to find its original path...?

I also thought of using a thin piece of veneer, placed in the hole then replacing the screw...?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


(New Zealand )

Hi Emanuel. 

So far it looks absolutely wonderful and i cannot  wait till the soundboard is fitted and the piano is finalised. 
Thanks again for all your hard work and talent!
I'm out to dinner now....but needed to thank you asap.
Text me anytime re. next week/day/time, etc.
Thanks again and bye for now.

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                                                      March 2015

Name:                    Llwellyn Rice

City:                       Engadine

State:                     NSW

Postal,Zip Code:    2233

Email:                     c.rice1@..........

Phone Number:      0411...........

Comments about:   Repaires

Your Comments ☛ ☛


Hi Emanuel


Just a short note to thank you for the effort and expertise you put into fixing the castors on my piano. That piece of apparatus you have that flips the piano onto its back is amazing! Everything is working well and the piano is now so easy to move around.


Thanks again

Llwellyn Rice

Name:                    Jan Walker

City:                        Watson's Bay

State:                      NSW

Postal,Zip Code:     2030

Email:                      jan.walker@..........

Phone Number:      0408.........

Comments about:   Restoration

Your Comments ☛ ☛

Dear Emmanuel,

Thank you for making our 1890 Pleyel grand piano sing again, as you said it would. It is a joy to play and to look at, both inside and out. We appreciated immensely your interest in our old instrument and your ability to bring out its best. And the timing: it went like (Swiss) clockwork!  

warmest wishes

Jan and Jonathan


                  June 2015

Murwillumbah Piano restoration


Dear Emanuel,


I am over the moon with our piano! Your craftsmanship and your communication skills are outstanding. It was like my grandfather’s piano went on a beautiful journey and came back to us rejuvenated and ready for the next chapter in it’s life. At every step of the journey you sent an email or a text with pictures and videos. You have enriched our music making even my father-in-law loves it! Thanks so much.


Kind Regards

Robyn Daley


Hey Emanuel, I tuned Robyn Daley's piano last week. Absolutely stunning my friend. You really excelled yourself, well done!

Jun. 2019

Piano: Beale    Mod: Vader

# 17145 (1906)

Restoration of:

Piano action/mechanism and replacing bass bridge.

Voice testimonial/comments


10 June 2017

Dear Emanuel,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done to "reincarnate" my
1929 Model M Steinway.

There is no comparison between what the piano was and what it is now.

It was dead and lifeless and now it has warmth and brilliance.   The new
tone and key touch is seductive.  From the moment you start to play, the
piano will not let you stop!  

It must also be very satisfying for you to see the excellent results of so
much hard work, and the joy that it brings to everyone who plays the piano
now, and for many years to come.

With sincere thanks and admiration.

Bill Lloyd

Steinway  Duo-Art Player Piano
    #268956   (1929)

Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical  Instruments


Hi Emanuel,

My deepest thanks for restoring our piano to such beauty. To my surprise, since you readjusted that section of strings and the retuning, I now believe that the chaos of harmonics that was occurring before the repair, must have been the cause of my losing track of where to find my way in old familiar pieces. The sound was also not enticing.

I am now enjoying the piano as in my youth, for the beauty of the sound. What a treat it is now to play. I thought my age had affected my enjoyment, but that was not the problem at all. I suppose it could be said that you thereby have also restored my youth in one fell swoop!

Thank you so very much!!!


18 October 2017

As I said in my email on 4 Sept, I am holding a soiree (calling it a Remembrance Day) for Helena's friends to introduce Helena's Piano. I am having a brass plaque made. The piano will be covered and revealed at a dedication ceremony during which I will describe the events leading up to the restoration. I will have someone take photos and send any to you which are significant. So far I have not had time to find a tutor, but should find time after this week. I have a lot on my plate preparing for 34 guests for lunch this Saturday.

The piano is beautifully and lovingly restored. It is like breathing life back as a teenager, into a dying person. The tuning has improved it immensely although the top note is yet a little tinny. Stewart told me it will need a couple of tunings 3 months apart.


David Ross

  Archer Freres
# 6454     (1842)
Comments about "Video"

Hi Emmanuel,

I just watched the video.  Top (notch) you should be very proud of yourself.

Stop making  videos and get back to work.


From Daniel and Emma

                11 January 2018

Bösendorfer  Mod. Imperial  # 33601  (1980)


Presenting our newly refurbished Bösendorfer Piano

24 February 2018

During restoration

After restoration

Blüthner   # 51792   (1898)

Before retsoration

18 April2018

Upright piano: Beale

21June 2019

Upright piano: Beale

Dear Emanuel


Thank you for the meticulous work which you have carried out on our 1906 Beale Vader Piano!  


I feel so grateful that we came to hear of you and that you were able to fit us in.  It has been a pleasure to meet you and to have you work on our Beale in your workshop and in our home. The work you have done on her is fantastic and of an exceptionally high standard.  You are a true artist in your field and one of a kind!  Both Christopher and I were impressed by your passion, your pride in achieving the best possible outcome for our Beale and the lively interest which you have in your work. 


Since you completed her restoration, Christopher has not stopped playing her.  The whole house is “singing” again with her golden tone.  


I can’t believe that I nearly gave her away! I am deeply grateful to you, Emanuel, for restoring her as she deserved to be restored – what an special instrument we now have!


I have already referred your good name on to others and have delighted in telling people what a wonderful job you have done restoring our Beale. 


Thank you so much Emanuel! 


With warmest regards and appreciation,


Isabella Jaworski and Christopher

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