Grand Piano:  Yamaha  

Color: Ivory

Mod: G1J

# 2990177   (1979)

Work in progress.

     The neglect of a Shipping Company delivering a grand piano from England to Australia with catastrophic failure.


Customary piano packing is:

Wraping the grand in protective material against salt-water and fasten it in to a wooden crate.

The crate is fully secured in the shipping container etc.....

In contrary: 

The piano has just survived in bubble-wrapp and fasten in a container !????

You can imagine the damage from salt,water and other callousness,it is extensive.


Damage indication:

#1   String rusty and snappig/breaking on its owen.

#2  All tuning pins rusty.

#3  Rust leaking in to the woodwork. (Bass bridge and Sound-board )

#4  Iron frame rusty. 

#5  Rust pitted frame posts and screws.

#6  Damage piano case and piano stool.

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